PHOTOS // UFO Staff Discusses Ultra 2012


Unified Funk Option

The UFO team was in nearly full force in Miami last weekend, branching out as well as we could to absorb the magic that was Ultra 2012.  Apologies if you weren’t there and are tired of hearing about it, or if you were there and have already drooled over all the recap videos.  We sat down as a team to try and piece together all that we could, even after agreeing that it even though it was a “you had to be there” kind of experience, and decided to share that discussion with you.

Sandwiched between South Beach flickering in the distance of the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the looming architecture of downtown Miami on the other, Bayfront Park really felt like the Rave-opolis.  The weather was pristine, the lineup was jaw-dropping, egos were left at the entrance, and it’s rare you see a festival crowd this beautiful.

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