“THANK U! THANK U!THANK U! I can not say it enough to all who came out to HELP FEED THE HUNGRY COMEDY SHOW! BIG THANK U for The FOOD DONATIONS to The open pantry What a wonderful night of doing good for others and getting a good laugh at the same time. Thank you all what a great crowd. thanks to TC Eckstein for kicking the show off with a musical section that was great for the night. Thanks to all the comedians that made them laugh all night long. THANK U again Everyone I do mean everyone. Welcome 2 our new home of A O WASH COMEDY LOUNGE Sheraton Springfield, Massachusetts Monarch Place Hotel COME SEE WHAT EVERYONE IS LAUGHING ABOUT! EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD LAUGH EVERYDAY! Laughter Does the Body Good So Do Good 2 your Body and get a BIG LAUGH @ our Next Show Saturday March 2 doors open @7 show time 8pm ”
– Arenzo O. Washington, A.O. WASH Comedy Lounge (Feb 03, 2013)



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