TC Eckstein, Vocalese

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bannerTC Eckstein, Vocalese Lead Solo Multi-Genre Vocalist

1363135645_LADII_TC_Eckstein_New_CD_Profile_picA lifelong music lover, singer, come from a musical family blessed by God with Jazz Influences of Father Robert and Grandfather, Late Great Billy Eckstein , Church, Gloria Lynne, Billy Holiday among many others.

But mostly Christmas songs and it became a new year tradition to sing with big Brother Richard Eckstein (Jazz).

TC Eckstein is very multi-genre faceted with elements of Hip Hop Jazz All Forms Of Jazz/ some Classical/Funk/Neo-Indie Soul, Rock,Modern Gospel….etc.

TC Eckstein grew up on Teena Marie , Donna Summer, Corey Day Of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, Minnie Ripperton, Pat Benatar, Ricky Lee Jones, Heart, Astrud Gilberto,Natalie Cole etc..

Tc-The Golden Scat

1352433537_TC_V_Shoot_Take_That_Chance_1TC Eckstein have opened concerts for Mikki Howard, Najee, Color Purple On Broadway, Lisa Mcclendon, etc.. and been recording and performing since age 8

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