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Theresa Eckstein.


JOIN ME In Creating Your Pic Heart and emailing it to save Lives.

JOIN ME In Creating Your Pic Heart and emailing it to save Lives.
Congress’ cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have serious consequences for our fight against heart disease and stroke. As research labs are forced to delay or abandon projects and reduce staff, patients are forced to wait longer for new treatments and cures.

It’s time for Congress to act to restore this critical funding- and it’s time for us to show them why! Will you join our ‘Hearts for Research’ photo petition?

Each name and picture submitted in support for prioritizing our nation’s investment in medical research will be delivered to Congress during the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day on September 18th.

It’s easy to participate! Just submit your name below and learn how to share your picture on the next page.


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Research has led to life-saving heart & stroke discoveries, but further progress depends on protecting this critical work from funding cuts.

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A Video Portion of entire show videotaped for TV Show, and with the Limitless Band, a house band, unrehearsed. Where Ladii TC Eckstein creates a vibe flow that magnificently coheres to shows dialogue of sultry poetry, comedy, Deep Cognitive Lyricisms.




LADII TC Eckstein, Host and Nathaniel Patterson, Producer Of Solo Productions Capture the footage and Premeire this Elegant Affair. Which offers A Direct Inside View into it’s wonderful Atmosphere of Good Vibes, Grooves and People with Amazing Talent Not afraid to share, Musicians, Artists of all kinds, perform and have Displays and Networking all going on here at the Renaissance Art Space..Check It Out Live and get into the Lights, Camera Action here in Springfield, MA Show Hosted By The Outstandingly Multi-Super Talented / Most Inspjrational Darryl Moss and Darryl Rosemond 🙂



    • 9:00pm
  • Mostly Cloudy 82°F / 55°F
  • (

  • WARNING: Erotic & Sexually Suggestive POETRY… Will be shared openly, bare to the world. It will be sexy, sensual, titillating, lascivious, lewd, libidinous, licentious, salacious, and lustful in nature.

    Erotic Poetry Fused with Comedy & Music… / If you thought you knew what POETRY Unressed was all about, try again.

    Hosted by: That Funny Comedian… Darryl Rosemond

    August 17, 2013 @ 9:00PM 

    At the Renaissance Art Space – 143 Main Street in Springfield MA 01108 – 413.200.8870 for more info… [for those using GPS – Please type in zip code, Springfield has two 143 Main Streets]

    Tickets: $10.00 in advance / Dress Code in Effect / It’s B.Y.O.B. so bring your favorite beverage!

    Tickets can be purchased at:
    UPTOWN SOUNDS – 98 Wilbraham Road Springfield MA
    ETHICS Beauty 1142 State Street Springfield MA 
    SURDOUE Fashion Boutique – 1655 Boston Road Springfield MA (Eastfield Mall)

    Solo Productions will be There!

143 Main Street – 3rd Floor Suite 313, Springfield, Massachusetts 01108



This is a TV Channel Online that runs 24/7 Globally!! and on Comcast Public Access Ch. 12 Springfield has episodes of Artists from the 413 Region of Western MA USA That includes All Musical Genre’s , Poets, Business, CEO’s, Activists, Just plain ole’ Salt Of The Earth People That embrace our community and have been here or from here before or now.  We Feature a live interview and a Live performance and/or a video that is getting notoriety and seeks recognition.  We are the 413 and we have Great Talent and now we have the tools we need to bring you to a peek into what we have to offer here.  Being in Between Boston, New York, close to NH, VT, MAINE, CT, RI etc… and many Surrounding Towns usually get sought out first for Talent/Professionals that much of the time come from here or once lived here but run up and down the east coast because many an event has been further out, But no more.  We have the perfect venues and we are going to be bringing them to you.  To connect you and 413 Artists, and Vice Versa much faster Than Back In The Days of No Internet.  We Are Excited and Hope You Are Too!  God Bless You Check Out The Beginnings of a great Avenue! 🙂 Have A Blessed Day   XOXO LADII TC Eckstein, Vocalese.